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The Founder 

Angela Hoffman 
Angela is the Heart and Face of the company.
She is Driven by the passion for art and
the beauty of flowers. 

Angela is an expert Designer A.S Interior Design   and  Artist B.A in Studio Arts.  She has exceptional taste for beautiful Floral Design and is Passionate about her work and bringing the Couples Vision to Life!    She believes her Designs and Installations helps bring Joy to the couples and gives them a fore taste of their future together.

She loves devoting time to God , Chris (her Love) , Family and Joy (her little dog).  

She Enjoys working with flowers that expresses the  Beauty of creation of Gods Nature  . 

She has been working for over ten years with her Family

Designing  for couples beautiful Flower memories for Their Special Day!  


Angela Hoffman Floriography Designs
Angela Painting Watercolors
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