We are blessed to share with you MONARCA Farm 

Many years ago, we set the goal as a company to eventually consolidate all our operations under one roof: flower cultivation, event logistics, production, creative studio, and customer consultations.  We are one step further with the purchase of a 6-acre property that will accommodate the entire operation.  We named this property Monarca after Monarch butterflies to symbolize their amazing transformation, beauty, and resilience through miles and miles of yearly migration. Likewise, Floriography has had 16 years of bringing floral design beauty and transformation to better serve our clients year after year.

We are very excited for this new chapter in Floriography’s life. We want our floral designs and operations to eventually be as sustainable as possible for the environment while providing to our clients a beautiful garden setting filled with botanical artistry and creativity at this property.

We look forward to continue serving our clients with wedding & event flower designs, everyday floral arrangements, floral design classes, botanical art, and more from our new Monarca Studio Barn.

We are so fortunate to have a great clientele that loves what we do and we delight in serving them with flower design beauty, color, and creativity. Thank you for your continued support in this journey!