The special Details ..

During an event, the centerpiece brings to life the table and represents the guests taste of design as well as providing a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy company with.

We enjoy seeing a well placed table. A table that has a foundation of a clean table cloth with detail accented plates and silverware in their correct place communicates symmetry in a great place with great people.

The design and setting of the table ties the elements on the table together.

The table should be inviting and comfortable while being elegant and beautiful. The candles go with flowers very well. In some cases the flowers compliment the candles.

Candles are very important because they add that special symbolization of love.

Madison Hotel

A well placed candle and sprinkled rose petals can make all the difference when setting a table to enhance the mood. Try this at home as well and your sure to get some heads turned your way.

Each table setting has Eucalyptus with greens hand woven together to create a personalized green experience like the guest is sitting down to an adventurous dinner that will be difficult to match. Personalized touches add a unique feeling to the atmosphere for all to enjoy.

This quality of detail is unmatched from other providers. Combined with Angela's unique design process, one of a kind table settings are created that will never be experienced again. Only those in attendance can attest to the quality of the decorative arrangements experienced by all.

Stay in Theme

Pick some core ideas you identify with and go with it whether it be a color or shape you like. If picking an idea is difficult, go with something universal and generalized and work your way into detail that suits you. For example, if you like pink, pick some colors that work with pink such as ivories. Let the details suit and enhance what you like, not compete with yourself.

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