New The Joy of Creating Flowers!

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I am super Exited to share with you my Passion for Flowers! My Love for Flowers began since I known Myself :) from enjoying going and watching The Flower Fest with my (Papa ) in Medellin the City I grew Up in Colombia " La Feria De Las Flores".


Creating Flowers around the home with my( Mama) for Family Gatherings.

I have been Creating and Designing with flowers for 15 years as a Floral Designer and Artistry and it has been the most gratifying journey of my life "I LOVE FLOWERS " they are very special to me and now I want for you to experience the same Joy from the comfort of your home.


You could Order Now! from our website Open our beautiful Box and create with 30 Beautiful High end Blooms , Vase and Foam and Tutorial Video Included!

You will be able to follow the easy step by step tutorials and enjoy creating ! You will be able to create your own designs with the the simple fundamentals of Floral Design and explore your own artistic floral rules and techniques.


I love working in my Boutique in Denville. I feel inspired happy, all of my imagination flows and I'm able to create freely and fly my way through the arrangements!

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