Introducing the Floriographic Approach to Designing the Wedding Experience around the Couple

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Certainly there is alot of work that goes into our couples wedding every week. And every week our team provides fresh flowers arranged into one of a kind artistic creations that our couples love and enjoy.

How do we pay attention to detail, And provide customized unique flowers fresh and on-time? First off, we love what we do.

Life is too short to compromise on your dreams. Go for your dreams and help people along the way. This is our life story and we see fit to carry it out, no matter what.


We have been serving the better parts of Sussex and Morris counties premier venues for years and have established working relationships that help us.

We know what is attractive and appealing to the eye. We know how to balance quality and quantity. We know when to move fast and to move slow. We know how to provide you the best quality service that is unique for every bride and groom that walks through our door.

Second to none Personal Consultation -

Our new location in Denville, provides you with a showroom where can demonstrate to you our ideas we hope you will invest in. We do not like "Cookie Cutter" weddings, and strive to not only identify what flowers you want, but more importantly, why you want them...

Once we understand your motivations, we will be in a better position to provide the excellent level of detail that you deserve.

Combined with a background in Art, our Lead Designers will be able to ensure you have the correct details chosen and will inform and suggest to you better combinations of details depending on the medium of expression.

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