Elegant Glamorous Wedding at The Rockleigh

These centerpieces were arranged by our new expert designer Vargas who has 20 years in the wedding floral industry. We are so pleased to be creating with the best people in the industry!

The design was an elongated with excellent color combinations of lavender, subtle quicksand roses, traditional white garden roses, purple hydrangea and pink hydrangea turned out amazing.

Added for detail were the two pillar candles on silver pedestals in glass cylinders. Silver votive candles complete the ambiance.


We were excited to setup this wedding. The Rockleigh has two grand ballrooms and outside water fountains to complete the ambiance. We setup in the smaller grand ballroom that has amazing uplighting, chandaliers and marble tile dance floor.


The ceremony was moved inside because it was colder than usual. Once the ceremony space chairs were setup and the area vaccumed, we prepared the ceremony space. We rented two clear acrylic pedestals for the hurricane glass vases. We painted ivory candles lavender and purple to add to the color theme. We used white roses to create the petals down the aisle.

Once the candles are lit, the atmosphere for the ceremony is set.

After the ceremony, cocktail hour is a short walk out of the room. There is a private hallway for the bride to prepare walking down the aisle.

Once cocktail hour was started and everyone was enjoying their drinks, we utilized the ceremony flowers with pedestals and ceremony candles around the sweetheart table. We were pleased to create an sweetheart table like this.

Our lead onsite designer Vargas designed the floral waterfall on the right for about 2 hours to make it as stunning as possible. The repositioned flowers on the pedestals add a special feeling to the reception for the Bride, Groom, and guests. We added the candles and hanging crystals to make the setting feel warm, elegant and inviting and fun. The two supplemental floral focal points in front of the acrylic pedestals enhance the setting and completes the five focal points and balances the look. Jasmine from Revel Event Design added final touches of detail to complete the desired look.


Overall we were very pleased the way this event turned out. For any more questions about this setup don't hesitate to contact us and tell us. Feel free to write in the forums to tell us what you like, or don't like.

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